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Workshop of economic diplomats of Slovak Republic.

On 30th of June, meeting of economic diplomats accredited SR abroad took place in Cadca.
The 30th June 2015, The Sales department staff of TSU Piešťany, š. p. attended the event, which offered them a unique opportunity for direct bilateral negotiations with more than 50 economic diplomats accredited SR abroad. The event took place in the Cultural and Information Centre of Čadca.

Each of the participating diplomats had separate meeting place and event participants had the opportunity to establish direct contact with economic diplomats from these countries with which have already cooperated, or alternatively they are of interest to them for future export, import, subcontracting and common investment.

The sales department staff met with economic diplomats from countries like China, Russia, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, South Africa, Israel, Japan, Croatia etc. The priority objective of participation in this workshop was the presentation of the main activities of TSU Piešťany, š. p. as well as consultation about business and economic area in individual countries.