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CASP 2019 project

TSÚ Piestany was one of the participating laboratories in the CASP2019 project for European Commission.
Results of the project were officially presented by EC during the CASP 2019 Closing Event and the Rapid Alert System´s Annual Media Event organised on July 7th, 2020.

CASP stands for Coordinated Activities for the Safety of Products. It enables all authorities of EU/ EEA countries responsible for market surveillance to cooperate in reinforcing the safety of products placed on the European markets.

In total, 5 categories of products were tested during the project: soft-filled toys, batteries, chargers, child bicycle seats and personal transporter devices.
TSÚ Piešťany conducted tests for personal transporters and analysed 46 samples of the following categories: e-scooters, hoverboards, e-bikes and uni-wheels.

A total of 11 European Union (EU) member states participated in the European campaign for the control of personal transport as part of this coordinated action: Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, France, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland and the Czech Republic. The aim of the campaign was to verify the conformity and safety of these means of personal transport on the European market and to ensure that non-compliant and / or dangerous products are withdrawn from the market.

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