List of products for testing and specialized services

Balancing of rotors
  • Identification of the residual imbalance status of the rotor by measuring.
  • Balancing of rotors according to customer requirements.

Technical data:
  • maximum weight of the rotor 100 kg at symmetric mounting between stands
  • maximum rotor diameter of 800 mm
  • minimum distance of centers of 85 mm
  • maximum distance of centers of 1390 mm
  • balancing speed range 100 - 10 000 turn/min
  • minimum achievable imbalance 0,1 gmm/kg

  • Protocol

Last update: 24.11.2017

List of contacts

Ing. Mário ZEMKO
Head of Machinery and Production Devices Testing Body
Ing. Stanislav ZÁMEČNÍK
Testing Engineer

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