List of products for testing and specialized services

PackagingsPackagingsTesting of packagings for transport of dangerous goods
Benefits of the tests for customer:
Testing of packagings contribute to reduce the risk, which might occur by the transport of dangerous goods. This part of transport is potentially danger for life and health of people, as well as the environmental pollution by leakage of dangerous substances.

Tested products:
  • barrels and canisters of metal and PVC
  • IBC vessels of metal and PVC
  • packagings of fine tin-plate
  • boxes of metal, wood, PVC and sturdy cardboard
  • bags of paper, PVC and fabric
  • combined and composed packagings
  • low-volume packagings for limited and exempted quantities (LQ and EQ)

Types of tests carried out in our testing laboratory:
  • life-cycle test of packagings and special mechanical tests of packagings
  • advisory and consulting services regarding packaging and coding by the transport of dangerous goods
  • tests of transport packagings
  • coding of packagings with un-code

Standards and legislation:
  • Road transport according to "European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road" (ADR).
  • Railway transport according to "Regulations concerning the international railway transport of dangerous goods" (RID).
  • Maritime transport according to "International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code" (IMDG-Code)
  • Air transport according to "ICAO and IATA DGR regulations concerning the transport of dangerous goods"
  • EN ISO 16495, EN ISO 535

Mandates issued by:
  • Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Slovak Republic, No. 1398 - 232/95

  • Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic

  • Mandate No.: P O / A D R / 0 3 / 2 0 1 8


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