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Our xenon arc chamber reproduces the damage caused by full-spectrum sunlight and rain. In a few days or weeks, the Q-SUN tester can reproduce the damage that occurs over months or years outdoors.

The Q-SUN Xe-3 tester is a full-featured lightfastness, colorfastness, and photostability chamber at a breakthrough price. It utilizes three separate xenon lamps for a large capacity. The Q-SUN Xe-3 tester’s slide out specimen tray is 451mm x 718mm and is useful for exposing large, three-dimensional parts or components. The Xe-3 tester offers standard humidity control, and optional spray, back spray and chiller features.

The Q-SUN Xe-3 is the only xenon arc tester that also has an optional dual spray capability. This allows for a second liquid such as acid rain or soap solutions, to be sprayed onto test specimens.

Characteristics of test chamber:
  • air relative humidity control,
  • black panel temperature control,
  • temperature control in test chamber during the test,
  • optional spray capability of test samples by demineralized water,
  • continuous radiometric control of radiation intensity followed by sample exposure checkout,
  • relative humidity control with feedback,
  • enables testing of large samples.

  • Testing protocol

Last update: 24.11.2017


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