List of products for testing and specialized services

Tests of electric equipmentTests of electric equipmentTesting of electric safety of appliances, consultation and advisory service.
Tested devices and equipment:
  • Household appliances and similar
  • Lighting equipment
  • Motors
  • Electrical equipment of machines
  • IT devices
  • Consumer electronics products
  • Transformators up to 10 kVA
  • Portable electric tools
  • Laboratory devices and equipment
  • Electric toys
  • Automatic electric control equipment
  • Electric devices for cetral heating
  • Gastro-devices
  • Cleaning, washing, ironing machines and devices
  • Volume compressors and air-pumps
  • Armatures with electric control and drive, garage door drives
  • Winning gaming machines

We provide following services and tests:
  • tests of electric safety of products
  • tests of coverage up to IP 69
  • function and performance tests
  • tests in moisture testing chamber
  • burning and sneak current´s resistance
  • heating crease and abnormal operations
  • mechanical strength
  • leakage current measurement
  • insulation resistance measurement
  • electric strength, earth circuit, insulation resistance
  • EMC tests, measuring of low harmonized produced by power supply devices.

List of standards and legislation:
STN EN 61439, STN EN 61598, STN EN 60335, STN EN 60730, STN EN 60950, STN EN 60204, STN EN 61029, STN EN 61010, STN EN 60745, STN EN 61558, STN EN 60065, STN EN 62115, STN EN 50144, STN EN 62208, STN EN 60884, STN EN ISO 23953-2, STN EN 61310, STN EN 62368-1

  • Protocol
  • Certificate (issued by COCV)

List of contacts

Ing. Marián SVETLÍK
Head of Electrotechnical Devices and Winning Gaming Machines Testing Body
Ing. Miroslav MARTINKO
Testing Engineer

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