List of products for testing and specialized services

Medical electrical devicesMedical electrical devicesTesting of medical electrical devices according to harmonized standards in accredited testing laboratory.
Tests of safety and essential performance of medical electrical equipment. Meeting the requirements of the standards confirmed by the accredited tests provides one of the ways to the Declaration of Conformity with the specified essential requirements of the Directive 93/42/EEC.

List of harmonized standards under which accredited tests are being carried out:
STN EN 60601-1
STN EN 60601-1-2
STN EN 60601-1-6
STN EN60601-2-(5,10,22,26)
STN EN ISO 7494-(1,2)
STN EN 62366
STN EN 80601-2-(60,61)

Output of our service is the issue of the Test Report.

We can also carry out tests according to harmonized standards for medical electrical appliances out of our scope of accreditation, as informative testing.

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Mgr. Katarína CÍBIKOVÁ
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Ing. Katarína BARTOŠOVÁ, PhD.
Head of the CERTITECH Department